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'Malware' is an abbreviation for "malicious software." Any programming or code that can cause a disruption of the normal operation of your system, give others access to your files, or any other intrusive action can fall under this category.
Like its biological counterpart, a computer virus can reproduce itself and spread from one computer to another. It can be sent over a network, carried by a program, email, website or other computer media. Viruses, similar to malware, can cause disruptions in your computer's performance, and even damage the operating system causing loss of data, or personal files.
We recommend Windows Security Essentials for Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Windows 8 and 10 come with anti-virus built in. A complementary scanner, Malwarebytes, is great for finding and removing malware that is not classified as a virus.

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Updating Antivirus - Computer virus in Bozeman, MT